World of Tanks Blitz - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Join a community of players across the world for multiplayer action in World of Tanks Blitz! Choose a tank and become a battlefield hero on your own, or with you friends. Play for free on Nintendo Switch today!
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  1. дядя_шнюк


    Kun oldin

    Есть пробитие очка!

  2. Logan Young

    Logan Young

    Kun oldin

    Please help, my controller sticks refuse to work with this game. Joycons work fine. My controller isn’t broken.

  3. alf reboot

    alf reboot

    12 kun oldin

    Good fun at lower tiers but stupid ingame economy and p2w tanks make tier 6+ lousy for average players.

  4. RedWar-WoTB


    12 kun oldin




    13 kun oldin

    can't wait to destroy nintendo switch gamers's tanks who have a hard time aiming :) I will have fun doing some seal clubbing

  6. Shergold Zhou

    Shergold Zhou

    15 kun oldin

    I want Fallout 3 and New Vegas remastered!

  7. Lukn Pro

    Lukn Pro

    16 kun oldin

    Is it crossplay?

  8. Ayrick J

    Ayrick J

    20 kun oldin

    Ah I remember when I was a smol kid playing this when it was 1000 people playing only

  9. Vasile Albu

    Vasile Albu

    20 kun oldin

    I play on phone this for 2 years! Yeahhh i love you NINTENDO !

  10. Teletubbie547


    20 kun oldin

    get ready to get a 54 loosing streak over and over again

  11. Nathanaël


    23 kun oldin

    Landmaster for WoT Blitz! (Let me dream)

  12. Five Nights of Randomness

    Five Nights of Randomness

    23 kun oldin

    Why lack of communaction?

  13. Glitchy Reinforcements

    Glitchy Reinforcements

    23 kun oldin

    Oh my god WOW!

  14. Agent_Venom


    24 kun oldin

    Cross play??

  15. Just Lucas

    Just Lucas

    24 kun oldin

    If you are adding World of Tanks then add World of Warship.

  16. Warlight


    25 kun oldin

    okay was not expecting that. do you need the nintendo membership thingy to play this?

  17. ackers33


    25 kun oldin

    Game needs to be 60fps. It's just not the same at 30

  18. MonarquistaBr


    26 kun oldin

    Now, just wait for War Thunder

  19. Claw Fire

    Claw Fire

    26 kun oldin

    Its an ok game been playing on mobile since launch but tier 8 and up is pay to win and the community is very toxic

  20. Mabel Enriquez

    Mabel Enriquez

    26 kun oldin

    Nintendo ADD "war of thunder " AND MAKE it free if u do that i WILL BE HAPPY

  21. access the code

    access the code

    26 kun oldin

    I love world of tanks, i have a leopard tank aka tank lv 5. Great game to have on switch.

  22. Nathan Aquino

    Nathan Aquino

    26 kun oldin

    I want to play this game on the Nintendo switch and move cool if with 2 player.

  23. ackers33


    26 kun oldin

    Game is unplayable with Hori Split Pad Pro controllers. There is major input lag with them.

  24. buox


    27 kun oldin

    Me da tirones y eso que es un juego de movil

  25. Mabel


    27 kun oldin

    Nintendo ADD "war of thunder " AND MAKE it free if u do that i WILL BE HAPPY

  26. Ethan Chu

    Ethan Chu

    27 kun oldin

    I kinda wished they brought over the main pc game

  27. Ana Dee

    Ana Dee

    28 kun oldin


  28. PlayingGamesToday


    28 kun oldin

    I blew up my own teammates tank once on accident and they threatened to turn me in. This was years ago and I felt so guilty I didn't play again! I'm so weird sometimes!

  29. FreestyWay


    28 kun oldin

    Why is it blitz version? On switch we can have classic WoT

  30. Agente Polaris

    Agente Polaris

    28 kun oldin

    Now I want world of Warships

  31. Sherman Firefly

    Sherman Firefly

    29 kun oldin

    FINALLY the best game ever on switch

  32. CJ Wong

    CJ Wong

    29 kun oldin

    Do wot blitz be on PS4 or Xbox next time?

  33. Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    29 kun oldin

    this actually looks very fun

  34. Gamer Dom

    Gamer Dom

    Oy oldin

    Okay, but can we start getting other World War II games? Like say Panzer corps?

  35. Well I don't know

    Well I don't know

    Oy oldin

    Finally it's been added



    Oy oldin

    An extremely boring game

  37. Rising_hurricane


    Oy oldin

    Nintendo i love you so much ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  38. Jeremy De Beau Corps

    Jeremy De Beau Corps

    Oy oldin

    Wath is the musician of the music in 0:14?

  39. QG Blitz

    QG Blitz

    Oy oldin

    You cannot chat in game why ?

  40. pix person

    pix person

    Oy oldin

    Something to tie us over untill they port warthunder

    • Jade Rodriguez

      Jade Rodriguez

      28 kun oldin

      That'll never happen